Bubo Telik

Tramp Freighter Captain


Dexterity 3D
Knowledge 3D
    Intimidation 4D
    Streetwise 4D
    Willpower 4D
Mechanical 2D
Perception 3D+2
    Command 4D+2
    Gambling 4D+2
    Persuasion 4D+2
Strength 5D
    Brawling 6D
Technical 1D+1

Gear: Modified holdout blaster, modified sporting blaster, blast vest, wrist chronometer (fancy, with comlink and atmosphere, thermo, and gravity sensors), belt (with hidden compartment), medpac, folding knife


It was fitting that the card he lost with was “Demise.”

Bubo Telik was a happy Herglic. Owner of his own ship, free to ply the trade routes, a friend in every port. He rarely had to use his immense bulk to get his way – when he did, word got around fast – and even his illicit deals were usually closed with a hearty laugh and a round of drinks.

But on one fateful day, in a suspiciously well-kept cantina, his genetic drive to games of chance (normally kept in check by an iron will and a healthy sense for when he was being conned) was too strong… and so was the hand of the crime lord who was playing against him. Bubo lost, badly – so badly that he was forced to take a loan against his beloved ship, at highly unfavorable terms.

Bubo Telik

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