Calathazaar Tango

Duros Tech wiz/smuggler


Dexterity 3D+1
Blaster 4D
Dodge 3D+2
Knowledge 2D+2
Streetwise 4D
Streetwise: Smuggling 4D+1
Law Enforcement: Imperial Customs 3D+2
Bureaucracy: Imperial Customs 3D+2
Business: Smuggling 3D+2
Mechanical 3D
Starship Gunnery 5D (starship intuition)
Perception 3D
Search 3D+2
Bargain 3D+1
Strength 2D

Technical 4D
Space Transport Repair 6D

Gear: Work coveralls, datapad, diagnostic scanner, repair kit, laser cutter, circuitry replacement parts, blaster pistol (4D), commlink, 1000 credits.



Calathazaar Tango generally comes across as taciturn,gruff, and not a little bit sarcastic. He is a hard worker, and works wonders at keeping the Happy Herglic in optimal condition in addition to being a damn fine shot with turret mounted weapons. When Telic hired Fayd on as his pilot, Fayd put his foot down that he would only fly a ship serviced by Tango, and since Telic needed a mechanic he was inclined to agree with the demand.

It was Tango’s experience in smuggling and his depth of knowledge of Imperial Customs, however, that truly swayed the Captain that he was a worthwhile hire. Within weeks of being hired, Tango had equipped the Happy Herglic with a shielded smuggling hold, built by hand and impressive to not-behold.

Since that first upgrade, however, he has become somewhat of a nuisance to Telic, constantly pointing out other shortcomings of the ship and pressing him to further improve on it. Sometimes he has been successful, as with the case of the medical bay and the ion cannon. In other cases he has simply pushed past Telic’s patience and been dismissed, as has been the case with Tango’s repeated requests for a tractor beam, plasma torch boarding device, upgraded ion drive, and improved deflector shield.

As Telic and Cairn have noted, Tango lacks the sense of decorum that many assume aboard a ship, freely speaking his mind and stating his opinions regardless of whose toes (or flippers) he might be stepping on. The brunt of his sarcasm, however, is usually directed at Fayd, and the two seem adept at hijacking any conversation with their bantering and insults.

Calathazaar Tango

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