Gravone Cairn

Rodian Arms Merchant


Dexterity 3D+2
Holdout Blaster 4D+2

Knowledge 3D
Languages 4D
Streetwise 4D
Value 4D
Value of Modern Arms 5D

Mechanical 2D

Perception 3D+2
Bargain 6D+2
Con other Rodians 4D+2

Strength 3D+1

Technical 2D+1

Move 10
Force Sensitive? No.
Force Points 1
Dark Side Points
Character Points 8

Equipment: Business suit, personalized computer with arms inventory database, customized hold-out blaster (4D+2), stun cloak (5D), 200 credits

“A well-kept set of books is all the excitement I need.”


Background: Gravone was found by Bubo Telik in a cantina, penniless, friendless and marked for death by a rival clan. On a whim, Bubo offered Gravone a ride out-of-system in exchange for unspecified services to be delivered later. (“Fine, fine, is all right. Come aboard, friend! We’ll find something for you to do,” he said.) Gravone threw in his lot with the ruffians, rather than remain to await starvation or assassination.

Gravone is deadly earnest in what he regards as his blood debt to Bubo. In contrast, Bubo has forgotten that there ever was a deal and keeps Gravone around because he’s useful and polite, and out of habit.

An expert in the procurement and pricing of small arms, Gravone has been mouthpiece and ear-whisper (or whatever auditory organ Herglics have) in dealing with traders, legitimate or otherwise.

Gravone is personally sympathetic to the Rebellion, and has made good profits in supplying second-rate arms to lost causes all over the galaxy. Outlaw and unable to return to his home world for the duration of the blood-feud (which could span several generations), he has adopted a genteel world-weary manner that makes him hard to take seriously despite his exceptional business acumen.

Though aloof to his crewmates, Gravone has come to regard Bubo Telik almost as a family don, and defers to him in all matters.

Gravone Cairn

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