Zeltron "Escort"


Dexterity 4D
Pick Pocket 5D

Knowledge 3D+1
Alien Species 3D+2
Cultures 3D+2
Streetwise 3D+2
Willpower 4D+1

Mechanical 2D

Perception 4D+2
Persuasion 6D+2

Strength 2D

Technical 2D
Security 3D
First Aid 3D


Quote: “See, I told you a hug would make it better!”
When the Captain of the cruise liner you’re working on gets arrested as a Rebel sympathizer, it kind of ruins your day. When the vessel gets impounded by the Imperial Navy with all of your possessions still on board, it ruins a whole cycle. Sure it makes for great conversation now but when it happened it stranded thousands of people in the middle of a no-where sector with a wait for days before any help could arrive.

Just out of college, Tananda was idealistic and optimistic, even for a Zeltron but the constant exposure to the frustrations, discouragement and hopelessness of her former co-workers and passengers crippled the young woman. She was admitted to the spaceport infirmary but only recovered when one of the crew aboard the shuttle transporting her to an Imperial cargo ship got high on spice and broke into the medical bay to profess his love to her. The positive emotions surged through her senses and broke the funk that had oppressed her for weeks.

Tananda’s spirit and body had healed but her luck yet recuperated. Shortly after the cargo hauler made the jump to hyperspace, the rebels in the area were out for a reprisal and captured the cargo hauler. They were nice enough to deposit her on the nearest settled world along with the lowest level Imperial personnel. Thats where her underworld education began.

Zeltrons being highly prized for their companionship and physical appearance, she was highly coveted by the local mobs and gangs. She quickly learned to defend herself and adapt to the places her new life had taken her. Perfecting various forms of persuasion, thievery and politics Tananda hopped to different areas of the Outer Rim.

She eventually fell in with the crime lords who ran the casinos in the Minos Cluster where she was put to work as a dealer on the Sabacc tables. Her phermones, empathetic abilities and sleight of hand made her a good asset. It was here that she met Bubo. She grew to appreciate the Herglic because he was always jovial, even when she bilked him for credits at the behest of her ‘employers’. One night after her shift, she found the Herglic slumped over a table, empty flagons strewn everywhere. The posture said everything, he had just lost big. Yet there was only a taste of melancholy, a hint of sadness and regret. The pink haired woman prodded him awake and as her empathy overpowered her, she confessed what her employers were instructing her to do. He smiled through glossy eyes and patted her form with a massive paw. “I know,” he smiled, his mouth half open and cocked to one side. “I always believe I can beat the odds, even if they are stacked against me.” Even after losing his ship, he was still on the upbeat.

Tananda promised to help Captain Telik get his ship back right then and there. His ability to smile and chuckle even after such a personal loss forever endeared him to her. She could always count on him for positive emotions that are so necessary to a Zeltron’s well-being.


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