The quote list

No Star Wars game is complete without it. Anyone can add a great line to it, if they care to.

“My job is to fly the ship and come up with all the good ideas. So far I’m batting 1000.” — Fayd

“I’m sure we all have much to learn about the vagaries of human anatomy, but there is a serious matter at hand.” — Gravone

“I am so glad none of the rest of us caught that obscene illness. It sounds terrible. Our droid is so good at catching things quickly and got Lucas out away before anyone even knew what was going on. Suddenly his ramblings about Sith and midichloridians and droids made way more sense.” — Tananda

“I just provided the basic outline, she did all the fleshing out of the details.” — Scifi_Toughguy, on fatherhood.

“Sir, might be a good idea to get both blasters, not just the one. We don’t know how this will play out, and we’ll need all the resources we can get should the ..ah… proverbial shlith hit the dan.” Calthazar Tango

The quote list

...And Hope They Don't Have Blasters ardentspork Scifi_Toughguy